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Front End Developer What is Front End Development, Explained in Plain English

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As we wrote at the beginning, document your work from the very first front-end development steps, and put the code on GitHub, even if it is far from ideal. Khan Academy has completely free materials and also has the option to use other web languages. This is an educational platform, not only about web development. You can go through various tasks, from basic elements, including HTML and CSS, to more advanced JavaScript scripts.

Most bottlenecks in large are caused by database/network. As for network issues every connection goes through netowrk, so every connection has potential for being slow. With good application design these issues are avoidable to large extend. Most modern technology stacks encourage developers to have strict separation. For example in the picture you can see that backend of the first system has rest web service which is a clear separation line.

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Screen size alone caused a complete reset in how we approached web design and development, not to mention multi-touch, and now voice is on its way to the web too. A front end dev needs to know design patterns and follow them to a tee or their project could go up in smokes. React itself has Shards, PureComponents, HOC’s, or building https://wizardsdev.com/ a ComponentFactory. When opening a pull request, it’s often useful to share changes with designers and other developers in the form of a PR preview. If you just need to host static files, services like Netlify can work with minimal configuration, or a service like Surge can work with an existing continuous integration system.

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Sometimes the best solution is completely low-tech and is found by just getting a group of people to talk to each other. But the best method is to start implementing paid features from the beginning. You can also make it a paid app where users will have to pay a certain price to download your app. You can also add premium plans or tiers and other subscription methods to earn money. Another popular way to earn from an app is advertising.

is front end development difficult

A front end web developer is a software engineer who implements web designs through coding languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. With that said, Company X’s skateboard shop design’s extremely fancy-schmancy, it will require a lot of custom scripts to make it all work properly. As an experienced front end developer, you should take care to save your valuable time and use libraries like React.js and frameworks like Angular.js when appropriate. Comparison between backend and frontendIt is easy to create simple/bad frontend, but it will be harder to create a complex/good one. Webpage only displays static pages, with all data given by the Backend.

What is a Front-End Developer?

It doesn’t matter if you know the technologies inside out if you’re building bad experiences or your code can’t be easily maintained. Both Android and iOS are top-class platforms for mobile app development. Their status has always been a subject of debate, so it is hard to tell which is better. But when you want an app for your company, you should choose your platform based on the demographics.

is front end development difficult

Frontend refers to everything that users visually see and interact with. What makes CSS hard is knowing how to apply it, and knowing all the nuances and ways you’ll fuck yourself over later on. There’s also the part about knowing How to do FrontEnd Development how some browsers don’t respect the CSS specifications and knowing what will break in what browser, and how to avoid/mitigate that. My department has ~30 FE devs, and only a handful even know how to use flexbox reasonably well.

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Thus, a front-end developer needs a task runner in automating these tasks. Grunt is one of the front-end developer tools that solve this problem. It helps developers to showcase the work done, its documentation, code changes tracking across versions, and integration options. IntelliSense is more to developers’ advantage as it helps in coding, providing active syntax hints. Chrome development tools are built directly into the Google Chrome browser. As Chrome is dominating the browser war, debugging inside the browser is a great help.

Examples might be simplified to improve reading and learning. Tutorials, references, and examples are constantly reviewed to avoid errors, but we cannot warrant full correctness of all content. While using W3Schools, you agree to have read and accepted our terms of use,cookie and privacy policy. A Front-End Developer is someone who creates websites and web applications.

A full-stack developer has knowledge of both front-end and back-end development. Why developer experience is the key to better software, straight from the… Almost every website out there is built on a content management system . (E-commerce platforms are a specific type of CMS.) The most popular CMS worldwide is WordPress, which is behind-the-scenes of millions of websites (including Skillcrush!).

For a more in depth explanation on the different types of testing, I would suggest reading this article. Frameworks like Bootstrap and Tailwind CSS allow you to add the catalog of classes to your webpage. As a result, you end up with professional and mobile-friendly designs.


Get going with our crush course for beginners and create your first project. We have a big team of IT people at work and whenever people have said “yeah, he cant fix your problem as he works frontend” , I had no idea what to answer. Learning with Treehouse for only 30 minutes a day can teach you the skills needed to land the job that you’ve been dreaming about. Learning with Treehouse for only 30 minutes a day can teach you the skills needed to land the job that you’ve been dreaming about.

  • Unlike web developer, mobile developer does not have other categories and subcategories.
  • Why developer experience is the key to better software, straight from the…
  • It’s the 21st-century Kung-Fu variant, where designers take a blank document and make a beautiful website.
  • There are challenges, complexities, annoyances, but I don’t know about difficulty.
  • In basic terms, it’s a lightweight architecture that simplifies network communication on the web, and RESTful services and APIs are web services that adhere to REST architecture.
  • The tools front end developers use are relatively straightforward.

Be open to different brands and in-app advertisements. You will earn a certain amount every time a user clicks on an ad or views it. The cost of making an application is an important part of the budget. To determine how much your app will cost, list the number of features you want in them.

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If the frontend team from my company had standards and quality to respect, I really believe the implementation of the new screen would be more than a week. Even more than 6 weeks, because they have 3 apps (iOS/Android/web) where the implementation was asked for and we had only one API to do. So I’ve been learning back-end web development for a while now and something I realize is that a lot of the self taught developers on youtube are front-end developers. Is this because front-end development is easier or are people just drawn to the creativity of it. The only front-end I’ve done is with django templates so I don’t know how front-end compares to back-end. More often than not, website design takes a lot of precious time from both website owners and designers.

is front end development difficult

Just frontend was so devolved over a decade a go that it’s progress has spiralled, and somewhat almost out of control. This isn’t to say that you can’t figure out the front end. It’s just that the backend has remained more or less static in the past decade. Sure, there were improvements here and there, some new stuff appeared, but overall, it’s still the same familiar space from late 2000s – early 2010s.

Even that can be forgotten in the face of a looming deadline. The frontend may include web, mobile apps, or any other interfaces (eg. smartwatch, smart tv). However, I will use the web as the representative of the frontend for simplicity. We can see that Backend refers to the server-side of an application and everything that communicates between the database and the interface. I’ve learned the hard way how, even the so called native platforms , are again just front ends. I hate the over-architecturization of the front with backend stuff, but , there is no escape/going back.

For the past 13 years, Syntactically awesome style sheets continues to modify data to conform with the input requirements of CSS. In short, it is a preprocessor of CSS and is fully compatible with all the versions of CSS. The basic languages for Front-End Development are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can think of Front-End as client-side and Back-End as server-side.

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