Patrick Odoyo

Creator, ​Connector, Educator, Innovator, Entrepreneur, Inspirational Speaker and Community Organizer

Social Innovation Consultant at University of Evansville in Evansville, Indiana / 2015

​He is part of the Institute for Global Enterprise Indiana which focuses on growing, implementing, and streamlining existing institute programming to meet the strategic goals of the institute on changemaking. Patrick also oversees the changemaker incubator development and plans the Collegiate and High School Changemaker Challenge competition. Serving as the faculty advisor to the Social Innovation Club, Patrick guides the students through activities every semester by inspiring and working with them on new ideas, frequently giving talks on social innovation in conjunction with facilitating students with the implementation of their ideas in the community.  In this role, Patrick also takes the lead on the social media aspect and builds resources for the Institute.
In addition, Patrick also serves as an adjunct professor teaching International Business Strategy and Social Entrepreneurship. He also mentors the Global Assistance Project (GAP) leading Microfinance consultancy class for a non-profit in Guatemala, working with students on Food Waste Reduction and Redistribution strategies in the tristate area. Before joining the Institute, Patrick taught High School Business Education for Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation at an alternative, innovative model high school. ​Other initiatives include organizing monthly sessions on social innovation and entrepreneurship that are student and community-centered, providing updates of the Changemaker projects that are continuing locally and globally.  Additional resource building he implements is through the development of an International Skills Connection/Database where local companies with international branches tap into the university’s international student base. Patrick’s consultancy work goes beyond just the institute; other university faculty collaborate with him on cross curricular projects that are relevant to subject area and cultural awareness.​

Founder and CEO of Friends of Dago Inc in Evansville, Indiana / 2010

​Patrick is also the Founder and President of Friends of Dago, Inc. This is an Indiana non-profit organization created in 2010 to support the programs of Dago Dala Hera Children’s Center (“Home of Love”) and empowers the Dago community in western Kenya, his native home.

​Friends of Dago Inc. focuses on social, economic, environmental, sustainable development goals; this includes but not limited to Child Welfare, Education, Health, Housing, Agriculture, Economic Empowerment, Mentorship, and Sustainability Initiatives. Friends of Dago, Inc. also organizes various volunteer trips to Kenya for families, churches, student groups, or individuals who wish to join the global work of missions and experience other cultures and lifestyles while giving.

Program Director of Dago Dala Hera Orphanage, Western Kenya / 2002

Patrick is also the program director of Dago Dala Hera Orphanage, a non-profit voluntary community organization situated in Western Kenya. Its mission is to promote education, working to provide quality services for orphans and vulnerable children by programming and strengthening the economic ability of the community for sustainable growth and development.

The vision is for every child to have access to quality services for growth and development.

Co-Founder and Advisor for It Takes A Village Canine Rescue / 2010

Patrick is also a co-founder and advisor for It Takes A Village Canine Rescue, the first no-kill canine rescue center in Southwestern Indiana. The mission is “To work as one in helping homeless dogs irrespective of breed, location or circumstance.”

​It Takes a Village Canine Rescue has helped thousands of dogs find forever homes and the adopters have new family members. WE WILL NOT STOP UNTIL ALL PAWS HAVE A HOME!

Rugby Coach at University of Southern Indiana (USI Rugby) / 2010

Patrick played active rugby while in Kenya for United States International University; Kenya Herlequins team for several years and is an expert in all things rugby.  The players love him and are very grateful to have him.  Most famous for yelling “That’s the one!” during practices and matches. University of Southern Indiana Rugby Club, est. 1991.

Patrick has been involved with the team since 2010 and has seen the team capture five State Championship titles in a row; One mid-Central champion in 2015 and currently ranked best of the ten in the D3 college rugby. Occasionally Patrick still steps on the filed, because everyone just wants to see him play.

Patrick was currently appointed to Chair an ad hoc Retention Committee for the small college rugby program, researching ways our rugby union can retain clubs and make recommendations to stabilize struggling clubs in the state. 

High School Business Education Teacher / 2012

Patrick taught High School Business Education for Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation at an alternative, innovative model high school. The three years were so adventurers, transformative, innovative and entrepreneurial. Patrick had a chance to serve on various committees with the school and the corporation. Some of the primary duties included, Deliver instruction on topics such as the principles of marketing, how to operate a business, and the financial aspects of business. I focused most of my sessions on digital citizenship and Entrepreneurship; Improve students’ knowledge of business practices and creating projects designed to enhance lectures ; Teach business topics such as basic economics, resume writing, facts about business careers, account checking, computers, the stock market, accounting, and finance; Deliver the skills and knowledge necessary for students to function as responsible citizens in the business world; Hold seminars and lectures at local organizations that includes developing professional relationships with other agencies and programs; Keep records of grades, grade papers, and perform other administrative duties as needed; Write grant proposals to gain funding for further research; Create lesson plans covering current topics in business; business opportunities and innovation; Utilize various curriculum resources wile Integrating competencies, goals, and objectives into lesson plans; Utilize curricula that reflect the diverse educational, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds of the students served; Develop incentives to keep participants in class and Tutor students on an individual basis following and evaluating progress of each student.